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For the prospective companies

First of all, I would like to congratulate you all. In next week, on July 1st, a 5th prospective recruit will visit our office, and which would be the end of this year’s new recruitment.

I suppose, you are already engaged in our workshop program before joining the company oriented by senior staffs. It aims for you to attain the basic qualifications.

The Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination-AP, of Ministry of Economy, I request all of you to obtain. The workshop also provides you with the opportunity to improve your practical skills, not just a lecture.

As I have told you at the entry interview, I would like you to take much time for studying. I do not think there is time for any part-time jobs. Although you may have various family circumstances, it’s very important for your future in the next 9 months.

When you start working, you can’t take enough time to study for qualifications because of busyness. That is why, I hope you will spend the time effectively while you are in schools.

I have sent you a book “People study well and People don’t”, for the help of how to study. The book should be arriving in few days, so please take your time to read it.

Anyway, the day after tomorrow is a filing day of your first monthly report to the office. Reporting ability is needed very much even for engineers, so please take your time for this. In addition, I want you to list your objective for qualifications on this report.

Please do make sure to meet the deadline. The deadline in business is, if not told anything, usually until the opening time of that day, or at 10 am so that your destination can look at it. That’s how it works, so please do well. Thank you.

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