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The article 9 cannot be applied to rogue countries

Russia has made a threat to Japan regarding the Northern territories, while Kan administration is conducting a weak-kneed diplomacy with China concerning the Senkaku islands. As Kan administration has been pointed out for its lack of diplomatic strategy; stated by the chairman of the Association of Corporate Executives, Masamitsu Sakurai on Nov 5th, 2010, their incompetence is very clear. At the time of Hatoyama administration, they struggled with negotiating Futenma problem, resulting the current various national crises. Then, in U.S. the president Obama has lost the midterm election badly, losing its power in the nation. Since U.S. is pulling out from Afghanistan, there is a higher chance of U.S. stepping back the U.S.-Japan Security Treaty.

If that happens, “Who would be making up the difference of a power balance in areas surrounding Japan?” It means nothing in the actual world for saying that “As we Japanese have faith in article 9 of our constitution, we live in peace.” In fact, the Takeshima island is practically occupied by South Korea, many Japanese citizens have been kidnapped by North Korea, and four northern islands are still under the occupation of Russia. China also claims that Senkaku islands belong to them, additionally they took the Spratly islands from Philippines, and fought against Vietnam over the Paracel islands with a practical occupation.

Nation’s flourish depends on economy power and military power as two sides of the same coin. Japan is so strange country that after losing the World War II, we still maintain so called “peace education” with a full of masochistic view of history in education. The situation like this can only be found in Japan, not in any other countries. It is only delusion because India and Asian countries, which stood up as a result of the Greater East Asian War, were liberated from their colonization. However, the western countries which colonized them have never apologized for it. The U.S., dropping two nuclear bombs which brought about an indiscriminate killing of civilians, has never apologized to Japan.

It is quite respectable that Japan pursues a peace. If Japan wants to stay in great power in the world, we need to correct the rogue countries and make a contribution to world’s development and peace. If this goes on, we will yield to the threat, not taking any initiatives in the world, and finally China will colonize our country. Therefore we have to make a move regarding national defense. Without stabilizing a country, no business can be done.

It is sad in Japan that we first realize the reality of this society when we actually start working. Unless working for a trading company with doing business abroad, some may not realize that what is considered as commonsense is not always commonsense in rest of the world. This could be because people are not informed of the reality.

Recently, I had a meeting with prospective new staffs in Fukuoka, and one of them said “The media reported a protest demonstration occurred in China due to Senkaku islands, on the contrary, the counter-protest demonstration by thousands of people occurred in Japan was not reported at all.” These biased media reports, we have to take care of not to be induced and brainwashed

The above can never be taught in schools. Then it is a bit strange to learn by this president’s blog. Anyway, when you start working, there is a chance of going abroad for business and you will face some problems in reality, which I would like you to keep in mind. As I have talked about political issues this time, the next will be about economic issues.

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