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To all the trainees

Just three weeks ago, this spring’s Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination has finished. “How was it?” Our company sets five subjects as a standard for the recruitment, such as fundamental information, applied information, CCNA, Oracle, and SJC-P. We also encourage employees to obtain knowledge of network, database, and object-oriented language (JAVA) as a challenge target as well as general knowledge and logical observation.

We ask for overall general knowledge, so this makes it hard for the trainees. No school of information processing would ask to our standard. Our demand is not assumed for the standard of a professional school but also that of IT industry. However, what we most concern is the rapid decline of a basic mathematical ability of youth.

Most of young people are victims of a school education. We make questions for an entrance exam of our company every year within the range of a compulsory education, but we saw many applicants who do not understand fraction, reduction, and even a concept of units. For instance, a question is below: there is a printer which can print 60 pieces of A4 paper per minute, and then the printing is made for an hour by this. How long does it take to finish this amount of printing by another printer which can print 1 paper per second? What would you do if the answer is “Don’t know”? All you could say is “No kidding?”

The problem is not the matter of intelligence for ordinary people. It is the matter of educational practice: “they were not taught or never calculated this kind before”. This instance is a proof of failure in Japanese education system. We must protect ourselves. Let me ask you trainees, “How long do you study at home daily? Workers in society have to study for a certification exam with their working, and sometimes they have to work overtime, which is very hard.

I suppose, on weekdays, workers can make two hours per day at maximum for their own study. You, trainees may be able to do four times as much as they do except school classes, but in reality the average may be 4 hours or so. You had better make the best of these four hours. There is a secret especially in a study for qualifications as written in the book such as “Astonishing study method”, that I have gifted to some of you.

Certification exams do not intend to fail examinee. All the examinees could pass if all meet the standard. There are some key points you have to pay attention. Additionally, it is better not to use many textbooks but to use a few ones repeatedly at least 3 times or so. There is what is called “Forgetting curve”, unless keep studying repeatedly, memories disappear rapidly as time passes. If there are 2 text books, you repeat both of them 3 times: 6 times in total, and you will reach the level of pass.

Another problem in studying is motivation. People are born to be lazy, including you and me. I am absolutely sure that nobody could say “I have never been lazy”. If anyone says so, he is a liar. Especially, people are discouraged under a stressful circumstance. You are fully grown up to understand what I am saying. There are numbers of factors: family background, an economic problem, human relationship, and so on. It is hard to solve any of them, and I shall say everybody has some adverse circumstances.

Then, “How do you cope with such circumstances?” I would say you have to let it go for a while until you grow up to solve the problem by yourself. Perhaps, “Why don’t you think differently and change your own mental attitude?” The circumstance you struggle with is not special, but it may exist for thousands of years. On this matter, I have sent you the book, “For those overcome the adversity”, the other day. Read this and you will have an idea of what Inazo Nitobe, the wise man, was thinking.

Passing over a hot summer day to a coming midwinter day, it will develop your spirit with the training days. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the next spring.

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