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Recruitment and corporate philosophy

According to Dr. Michael Spence’s theory of “Signaling”, Noble laureate in economics, when evaluating an information processing engineer, it is hard to grasp one’s ability precisely. Therefore, you need to show how excellent you are with a clear index to customers. The most effective way to do so is by acquiring National Examination for Information Processing Technicians because a skilled engineer could easily pass the exam. Therefore, having that qualification does work as a “signal” of competence.

As for the recruitment of our company, we also think all the education in high schools or universities is not useful directly for jobs in companies. Of course, we respect the importance of acquiring basic academic ability in a school education, but we rather trust the screening function of human resources in schools. Therefore, what is important is the entrance exam of high schools and universities. This makes easier for us to evaluate the applicants with its signals. In case of vocational schools, the purpose of an entrance exam may be a little different but basically it will be a signal for us if applicants possess the qualifications

As it is rude for the applicants to judge only with its qualifications, we conduct a proper entrance exam. The exam questions have been advanced in each year, but it is never hard. “Advanced” intends, for us to evaluate applicants properly whether they have basic skills needed for the business in our company. It is only 90 minutes of examination, but we try to make creative questions every year. This year’s season has come, to start a preparation for the new recruitment. I will ask for cooperation of company members again.

On the contrary, it is very sad that there are few schools holding their philosophy and mission to educate students in Japan. This can be applied to the corporates as well. Only a few corporates, as a receiving side of graduates, are recognized for not only possessing but also practicing these two objects. Our company’s philosophy and mission is, in other words, “believe in bright future”. This means “provide something useful to the society” and then “obtain happiness through work”, which is inquiring and practicing the chain of good cause and effect. I would like to take a careful approach.

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