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Public Comment

We have posted our public comment, in accordance with the demand of a cabinet office, concerning on “choices for energy and environment” and our comment is as follows.

We are taking a position to oppose any of the three options that government has suggested. Nuclear power generation, with the nuclear fusion technology has well-established, would allow all the humankinds to have adequate energy eternally, and then until that point this is an essential measure. We expect the government not to obey the media’s prejudiced report and stick to a correct opinion which leads to national interests.

1. Choosing purposiveness
Approx.15% of energy should be generated by non-nuclear generation, which is mainly created from hydroelectric power. Ocean thermal energy conversion, geothermal power generation, wind-power generation are only limited for the purpose of regional development brought by securing the location for generation. Then solar energy generation is only focused on rooftops of buildings etc. to be used as reserve power and also used in cities for easing heat island phenomena. On the other, in underpopulated areas, it can be used as emergency power. Therefore, it is right choice at this moment that nuclear generation occupies 85% of a whole energy supply, for it is low-cost and stable to supply.

2. Japan’s contribution to the world
Japan should aim to be the most advanced technology-oriented nation in a field of nuclear power generation, and responsible to share it to the world. Japan must make contributions to the world peace and the field of nuclear power generation as well as national security. It cannot be denied that war and invasion are caused by competitions to secure energy. As being the only nation to be bombed with nuclear weapons indiscriminately, we must have the backbone that JAPAN is the only qualified country in the world for peaceful utilization of the study of nuclear power.

3. Industrial energy demand
Industrial energy is supplied only by nuclear power generation. By adding safer nuclear power plants, it lowers the electricity price used in a commercial purpose and leads to higher competitiveness for enterprises. Consequently, this inspires more foreign investment to Japan, and then a mutual benefit in economy between countries contributes to even national security. Furthermore, to decrease CO2 diffusion in the air, we need to decrease the consumption of oil and other fossil fuels by setting the consuming standard of oil-based fuels such as naphtha, gasoline, and gas to avoid the risk of transportation on sea lane.

4. Consumer energy demand
Fuels used in automobiles should be ethanol-based liquid fuels which does not contain Nx-compounds. A producing technology of hydrocarbon compounds, with artificial photosynthesis by using various CO2 in a gas form contained in the air or in non-fossil fuel materials, is almost ready for the commercial use, which the nation should be in support immediately. It seems that increasing CO2 in the air, mainly a shale gas, will go on. Therefore, the technology of artificial photosynthesis as recirculation of CO2 will be a key to keep sustainable environment for the mankind to be on this planet.

5. National defense policy
Early establishment of manufacturing technique of plutonium in a commercial use, especially with fast-breeder reactor, is awaited. Once it’s commercialized, the potential of diversion to a military use goes up.
Japan could have stronger nuclear deterrent force as a potential capacity of manufacturing the nuclear weapons, especially for China setting nuclear missiles toward our nation. If we abandon the nuclear power technology centered on nuclear power generation now, Japan will face the crisis of national security.

6. Safety measures of nuclear power plants
As for the safety of nuclear power plants, construction along coast line, even if the measurement to Tsunami is taken, would increase other load on environment such as a rising of the sea temperature which damages marine products industry. Then nuclear power plants are helpless for any terrorism or an attack including warfare. The existing power plants should be systematically reconstructed in the basement over around 20 years, and finally these current plants would be decommissioned.

7. Economic policy
The main theme in this statement is to depend on the nuclear power plants for increasing demand in energy consumption for prosperity of this nation. Therefore, this new construction of an underground power plant would boom the construction rush more than twice as much as current one. It would also trigger to establish a new technology to lower the cost of nuclear power generation. The incident we had in nuclear power plants with the 3.11 earthquake should be used as a good chance to stimulate economy by shifting paradigms.
The government needs to; bury the new nuclear power plants throughout the nations, meet the demand of national defense, and work on policies to handle a deflation.

Additionally the period of deflation is the most preferable economic situation to make a public investment including national defense. Making the investment will be helpful for creating various new industries including a robot, creating employment, increasing the tax revenue. There is no need for a tax raise.

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