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A view of the last half-year

The fact that my predictions made in a month and a half ago about politics and economics all came true, and which proved that my analysis was right. Unfortunately, this also means it is not good for Japan. Today I would like to start from international politics and try to drill down to our company’s policies.

At beginning of this year, the president Obama found his way through “fiscal cliff” juridically but the financial situation is still in trouble. The U.S., due to the reduction of military cost, no longer stands as the world’s police, and Japanese citizens were victimized in a previous terrorism in Algeria. Algeria was already out of control since the country was colonized by France.

In England, one third of population is against to be a part of EU. The Prime Minister Cameron has announced that they are having a national vote for withdrawal from EU. This is a crisis of EU. Now that yen is rather weak, export industries are in a pose, but our exports to Europe will not do well.

On the other hand, a new Chinese government led by Xi Jinping with hegemonism has been established. Japan’s Air Self-Defense Force scrambled frequently around Senkaku islands which is in very abnormal situation, and the increase of invasion to Japanese territorial waters both on the sea and under the sea could be confirmed. Therefore, U.S. considered the possibility of exchange of fire in future and deterred both countries. This is a story in recent days.

The fact that threat of China is becoming a real issue is, in a sense, because there are internal contradictions in China which makes to do so. You may notice that U.S. Marine Forces deploys Ospreys over Okinawa to be used for rescuing American citizens in China in case of country’s collapse, not 138,000 Japanese citizens in China.

The other day, North Korea has launched missiles. The wreck was collected by South Korean army and has confirmed that most of the components were in fact made in China. Then, North Korea has announced yesterday that they are ready for the nuclear testing. Back in the 1960s, China continually tested nuclear weapon in the desert area, contaminating Japan by fallout riding on westerlies, but left-wing media in Japan had hardly been reporting this fact.

As for the nuclear testing of a neighboring country across Tsushima Straits, no one says anything, but it is more dangerous than an accident in nuclear power plants. The collapse of North Korea would cause problems for China. Therefore, even if U.N decided to put a sanction upon North Korea, it will not work because China will support from behind anyway.

South Korea, who confronts North at 38th parallel, knows that they would turn “red” if Seoul is burned down by the war. If the relocation of U.S. military base to Henoko is cancelled, South Korea would take it to their country. However, if the U.S. army would be withdrawing from the area due to financial difficulties, Japan must replace it by herself.

This month, Abe administration stated the necessity of countermeasures against terrorism targeting the nuclear power plants in Japan, which also includes “warfare”. As I wrote in a public comment of JAPAN in last autumn; it is necessary to protect against the use of force properly, and then this policy would be economic policy as well. Without doing anything, we would be defeated by China and North Korea’s threat of nuclear power, therefore we must put away our allergy to nuclear power.

Finally the former chairman and current president of Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. have been sued for criminal charges from citizens. Just after the earthquake in 2011, I sent an e-mail to the TEPCO requesting them to respect the Act on Compensation for Nuclear Damages. Then yielding to Democratic administration, the company has been nationalized and a trade balance got into the red. There is not any benefit for Japanese industries. We need to restart the nuclear power plant soon.

The Bank of Japan of incompetence will finally set the 2% growth as an inflation target. I personally think that state of deflation would go on. Contrary other financial policies are mainly based on monetary easing. Assuming no sudden raise of interest rates, our company would increase total bank borrowings. Corporate debenture which has upcoming redemption would shift to long-term debt loan with a lower interest.

In terms of capital policy, as I stated before, I will increase our capital to 125 million yen then enhance the external trust. Increased capital would afford more employment, then there are still restructuring going on in the market and mid-career recruitments are welcomed. Yes, we will power up our company.

Twenty second terms has already been in a half. Today, we are having a welcome party for new employees. Then a workshop for prospective employees is launched today. Moreover from the next month, an early-time joint workshop for freshmen who have a mastership of “Applied Information Technology Engineer Examination” will also start.

Welcoming new employees in a latter half of this term, the office will be more lively. I would like to run through with all the employees, and hopefully meet the budget attainment!

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New Year Message, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone!

Our company is growing now. Every year, we establish our goal of both sales and ordinary profit to 120% growth compared to the previous year. Under the circumstance of recession in Japan, our company may be a rare corporate in this country. Although the established goal is decided by the company, in fact the standard of this economic reward is not set by the company or me. Company’s revenue depends on our customers or people in society.

Your salary is not decided by me as a president. Your work performance is watched by someone. You will be put in charge of “bigger jobs” if your work makes profits for the company, and consequently your income increases.This story can be applied to a company as well. If the business contents are useful for customers and people, the company will grow sailing with the wind even in the against wind.

Engineers will be put in charge of more important job with more competence. The same thing can be said about those who are involved with general affairs, supporting and managing internal education as well as sales people. In proportion to the achievement of a job, you will gain more reward.

Our company’s mission is to provide engineering services related to software to the society. It is our joy to contribute to happiness of many people with bringing beneficial services to the society through our products and man-power.I would like each one of you to put this in your mind and find it in the extension of your work. Let’s go for it with an ambition! We can contribute more to the society with the expansion of the company.

By the way, we have occasionally declared our modest intension to the society; as we collected money for the earthquake in Japan 2011, donated to Tokyo metropolitan for Senkaku islands, posted a statement on nation’s public comment, sent opinion and a request for Tokyo Electric Power CO., Inc., and so on. Then nation’s crisis is not over yet, even after the change of administration last year. Two weeks ago, Yang Jiechi, the foreign minister of China, made an announcement that they would fight against Japan determinately, which can be taken as a virtual declaration of war.

Other than that, North Korea’s test-launch of “Taep’o-dong”, South Korea’s landing on occupied Takeshima island, damage to the Japan-US alliance by the Democrats, reckless abandoning of nuclear power plants, an increase of consumption tax, etc. are major concerns happened one after another these days. Since there is no concrete policy even for national defense which should protect national profit and make the base of economy, we are surrounded by troubles both domestically and externally. All over the world, no country would acquire true freedom and prosperity under the dictatorship that takes fundamental human rights away from people.

JAPAN, as a firm country of freedom and peace, should make more contribution to the world. I, myself, have a delicate work considering specific policies to make our company better, and also gather global information hard-in other words, “I am looking at both differential and integral continuously to make my decision as a manager”. I would like to state that for you as a message for New Year.

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