Speech at the opening ceremony on 7/27/2015

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming to our party today.

We invited some friendly German, and some friendly Vietnamese, who are belonging to most excellent company in their own country.
We also invited many friendly Japanese, who are belonging to leading company in Japan.
All of you are the best customers of our company.

We invited some friendly bankers who are belonging to famous major Japanese bank, so I suppose our guest’s companies are dealing with them. They are also important business partners, willingly offer growing energy to our company.

Today, all of you, I consider, meet special historical year.
It has been seventy years since World War the Second terminated. In Japan, we now stand at the political transition period.
As you know, Japan has a good relationship with the United States
for military alliance today.

But by a curious co incidence, nation of you commonly fought with the United States in the past. World War the Second, however, Japanese cabinet named it Daitoa Sensou, if you translate it in English, Great East Asia War. That name of it comes from, the war to establish Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

So that Japan fought for the noble ideal to eliminate
racial discrimination.
After the war, despite of defeated nation Japan, the idea led
to begin racial independence movements in Asia and Africa, and let them to establish many independent nations. This means, colonies which was caused by racial discrimination, were vanished from the world. We thoughtful Japanese are proud of this historical event.

Still, for the future, we have to prevent war. One of the best ways to prevent war is to connect every country economically,
and create employment for his own country.
All companies can contribute to create employments, and companies could be able to take care of fulfill specific responsibility.

Hermes Systems has been offering you many outstanding System Engineering Services on information technology field.
This work creates employment both our country and the other countries related to the work.
I deeply understand, employment itself is the basis of world peace.

Today, we have an opening ceremony for our new office.
We deeply appreciate your continuous support for giving us orders.

We call young Geisha girls today, and their profession is offering the best OMOTENASHI entertainment with Japanese traditional performing arts. Today, Geisha girls presented you Sake here, from Niigata, famous winery is located in. Then, Let’s enjoy it together.
Thank you very much.