The instruction of Japanese Prime Minister Sinzo Abe at the 49th Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Forces senior officials meeting (2)

The issue of security has been dividing national opinion in two. An irresponsible label like “We will be involved in a war” has prevailed not only at this time of enacting the Japan’s legislation for Peace and Security but also at the time of the campaign against Japan-U.S. Security Treaty revised in 1960 and enactment of the PKO law.
However, the time has changed. The conventional criticism like “the existence of the Self-Defense itself violates the Constitution” is never provoked among people this time. This is because you, self-defense personnel, win people’s trust.

There has always been the Ground Self-Defense Forces toward the lifesaving at the eruption of Mt.Ontake and also at the flood caused by heavy rain in the Kanto and Tohoku area. Marine vessels all over the world depend on the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Forces on the Gulf of Aden, an important point of transport, which is 12,000km far from Japan. Speaking of the Air Self-Defense Forces, it protects sky over Japan for 24 hours, 365 days, while the frequency of approach to Japanese airspace by planes of unknown nationality has been seven-times increased for these ten years.
These facts are imprinted on Japanese people.

They are not only in Japan. Like Fun Sen, the Prime Minister in Cambodia, where the Self-Defense Force took part in PKO for the first time, and Aquino, the President of the Philippines, where it performed rescue operations for the victims of typhoon, a lot of leaders from all over the world admire you, devoting yourself to save world’s peace and stability and respect your discipline. Moreover, they greatly depend on your sophisticated abilities.
Such global leaders support the Japan’s legislation for Peace and Security. This is also the result of your consistent dedication to the world. This is a proof of people’s credibility and expectation from the world.
Please keep these facts in your minds and set yourself to a new mission. And please always do your best on each site in order to meet their expectation and to prove worthy of their trust.